Caramel Apples

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is famous for its amazing selection of old fashioned caramel apples. They all start with a crisp, green Granny Smith apple smothered with thick and chewy hand made caramel, then dipped in a variety of yummy toppings for a “just right” combination of tart and sweet.

See below for our in store options:

CA-101_-1025401869886859398Caramel Apple CA-102_-1018912788775410226Peanut Caramel Apple CA-105_-1249437839018640510Apple Pie Apple™ CA-104_6746778275832248008Caramel Apple with M&M’s®
CA-106_7061732536609548065Cheesecake Apple CA-110_-2872963933654827673 English Toffee Apple CA-103_4411037393180743059Pecan Caramel Apple CA-107_-3934043929105619690Rocky Road Caramel Apple
CA-109_999292980267134713Caramel Apple with Snickers® CA-108_-4158108238476999919 Pecan Bear® 12562-BoxedApples-Gift-Baskets_-7730362569785742143Caramel Apple Favorites