Special Assortment

Think outside the box! Our traditional boxed chocolates feature bite-sized chocolates. These special assortments are unique collections of your favorite chocolate pieces. Send them as gifts or reward yourself with these chocolate creations.

SA-105_-6912364185056763049Rocky Mountain Favorites SA-111_2057459649Candy Totes-Set of Four SA-106_-8330150181699021467English Toffee
SA-107_47229778Milk Chocolate Pecan BearĀ® Tote/2 per set SA-110_629253344Peanut Butter PailsĀ®/2 per set SA-109_1238762791English Toffee Tote/2 per set SA-108_1646471719Milk Chocolate Caramels Tote/2 per set
SA-101_-6020891450404412868Milk Chocolate Seafoam SA-104_-7275092375834843184Scrumptious Snacks Assortment SA-102_-3713780705033350007Dark Chocolate Seafoam